Andrew C. Spitler

Managing Partner

Andrew C. Spitler specializes in estate planning. He crafts customized estate planning solutions to align with his clients’ unique needs. While planning documents may be simple or complex, in either case, he assists clients in selecting the most advantageous and efficient strategy based on client needs, loved ones, assets, possible taxation, and potential risks.  

Andrew strongly believes that clients need to understand their documents, and as such in addition to consultations, all meetings and the final document delivery appointment will be handled by an attorney instead of a support staff member or general notary.  This is not only to ensure client’s needs are properly met, but also to ensure any trusts established are properly funded and to establish a review timeline to ensure clients remain protected in light of changes in applicable laws, changes in assets, and changes in family relationships in the years following the creation of an estate plan.

As part of the planning process, Andrew also assists with business matters and rental properties, particularly in light of ensuring proper liability protections, proper inclusion in a client’s estate planning, and planning for the incapacity or passing of a business owner. 

With respect to real properties, Andrew handles transactional real estate matters, review and assistance with closing packages, private sales and short sale or died in lieu assistance, review and assistance with loan modifications, and review of homeowners association matters.

Andrew also assists clients in probate and trust administration matters.  As many individuals do not complete an estate plan, pass with assets held outside of a Trust, or there are unforeseen issues or other complexities which necessitate assistance, Andrew is happy to assist in such.  The same applies if a loved one is under an incapacity or if a minor child requires a legal representative, Andrew can likewise provide guidance and representation to achieve the appointment of a guardian or conservator.


His practice specializes in the following areas:

  • General Estate Planning: Living Trusts, Last Will & Testament, Guardianship designations, Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and assistance with trust funding or beneficiary designations with regard to real properties, business interests, financial accounts, vehicles and personal property.
  • Advanced Estate Planning:  Irrevocable Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Supplemental Needs Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts, and assistance with trust funding.
  • Business Succession Planning:  Upon the passing or incapacity of a business owner many businesses are setup to fail for lack of the owner mapping out a plan and thereafter implementing such plan to designate successors to operate a business, allow access to company records and assets, and to provide for an orderly distribution or continued management of a business.  Waiting on a court process to approve business activities routinely results in a business being sold for less than fair market value.  Jointly owned companies should have a plan in place to account for the passing or incapacity of a partner as well as a mechanism for the heirs or representatives of such partner to facilitate a buyout.
  • Business Entity Formation and Amendment:   Business entities such as limited liability companies need to be properly structured and funded into a Trust if that is incorporated within a client’s estate planning.
  • Probate Administration:  A probate administration will take on one of several different forms depending on the assets of a deceased party, their remaining family and any planning documents that were executed by the decedent.  Andrew excels at supporting his clients during this emotionally difficult and confusing time and is available throughout the process to take as much of the legal burden away from his clients as possible.
  • Trust Administration:  Many times issues arise in which a successor trustee of a Trust requires assistance, or a beneficiary has questions or issues which require a resolution.  Andrew can assist with such and is also able to serve as a successor trustee or trust protector should the need arise and the fit be appropriate.
  • Guardianship / Conservatorship: In the event a minor, or an adult under a disability requires a guardian or conservator to be appointed, Andrew can assist in the probate process to achieve such.

Education & Admissions

  • J.D., The University of Toledo College of Law, 2005: A member of the Moot Court team and a clerk for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick.
  • M.B.A., The University of Toledo College of Business Administration
  • B.S. in Business, Management Information Systems Major, International Business Minor, Miami University
  • State Bar of Arizona
  • State Bar of Ohio (inactive)

Andrew maintains a steadfast commitment to precision, client education, and comprehensive legal solutions. He fosters lasting relationships with his clients through trust and effective communication, skillfully navigating them through estate planning and other legal matters. 

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