Ellen A. Bolton

Chief Operations Officer

Ellen is the cornerstone of our office, masterfully coordinating the essential operations that drive our firm’s success and elevate us to new levels of achievement.. She has an eagle eye for financial matters, including payroll intricacies and billing processes; human resources management including non-legal staff oversight, new recruit hiring, and seamless onboarding; and administration including refinement of annual performance processes, vendor management, and curation of our well-known community and client events.

Ellen hails from a Chicago suburb, and pursued her higher education at the University of Iowa, where she successfully obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Following her studies, she moved west and embarked on a dynamic career journey through various industries including finance, healthcare, and private practice legal firms, eventually finding her professional niche at BSS PLC. She maintains an unwavering commitment to operational excellence and a deep desire for continued innovation at the firm.

Beyond her operational responsibilities, Ellen finds joy in the company of her immediate and extended family and cherished friends. She is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle enriched by an enthusiasm for exercise.

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