Jessie E. Graves

Administrative Assistant

Jessie, the welcoming face of Brueckner Spitler Shelts, is our receptionist and administrative assistant. An Arizona native, she studied at Northern Arizona University, purusing a degree in Behavioral Science. Following her education, she spent more than two decades in cheerleading and dance before coming to Brueckner Spitler Shelts, bringing the spirit of competition with her. Beyond her role here, she is proactively involved in community welfare, particularly invested in mental health programs, speaking volumes about her commitment to community and holistic well-being.

Born and bred in the picturesque landscapes of Arizona, Jessie’s journey led her to Northern Arizona University, where she pursued her fascination with behavioral sciences. Today, she channels her academic passion into elevating our client interactions.

Jessie balances a competitive spirit with heartfelt compassion and embodies the firm’s values seamlessly.

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