Nichole M. Somers


Born and raised amidst the vibrant energy of Chicago, Nichole M. Somers embarked on a remarkable journey that led her from the world of cosmetology to the realm of law. Her unwavering dedication to empowering clients and her pursuit of new horizons define her commitment to excellence.

Boasting an impressive 11-year tenure in the cosmetology industry in Chicago, Nichole’s professional journey led her to Arizona, where she became an integral part of our firm in 2016. Her expertise spans a diverse range of areas including estate planning, probate, corporate/business matters, and real estate. Nichole’s versatility is paralleled only by her dedication to our clients. She finds her greatest fulfillment in providing clients with peace of mind, guiding them through complex legal challenges with clarity and confidence.

Away from the demands of her profession, Nichole embraces her country girl roots and has a profound love for animals, a passion for travel, and deeply values the time spent with her friends and family.

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