Sheila G. Sawyer


In the vibrant autumn of 1998, Sheila G. Sawyer embarked on her illustrious voyage with Brueckner Spitler Shelts, igniting a career that has illuminated various facets of the legal realm.

Sheila’s voyage began as an assistant within the litigation division, where she swiftly ascended to the distinguished role of litigation paralegal. In the early rays of 2005, Sheila navigated her way into the corporate division, further expanding her horizons. Her journey of evolution culminated in 2013, when she embraced the mantle of an intellectual property paralegal.

Sheila’s pursuit of knowledge has been a driving force behind her exceptional journey. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the esteemed College of the Ozarks and an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Drury University in Missouri stand as beacons of her educational prowess.

Beyond the corridors of law, Sheila’s heart finds solace in the pages of literature. An avid reader, she traverses worlds through the written word, indulging in tales that span genres and eras. Her love for reading enriches her perspective, allowing her to bring a nuanced approach to the legal realm.

Sheila’s passion for exploration is mirrored in her love for travel. Embarking on journeys with her family, she gathers memories from different landscapes, weaving a tapestry of experiences that enrich her personal and professional outlook.

Sheila G. Sawyer’s journey through the realms of law is marked by dedication, learning, and a quest for new horizons. As she continues to illuminate legal avenues, her passion for reading and travel add vibrant hues to her multidimensional persona.

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